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Where have all the good ones gone? Maybe they left because you didn’t tell them what you needed. Knowing how to ask for help, designating volunteers (including gov. board) or staff to specific tasks, and training them to do it well is a constant balancing act. Some leaders and managers make it look easy, and others who struggled probably didn’t stay.

To respect your busy life let’s look at a simple starting list to start moving in the right direction!

  1. Know what your community needs.
  2. Find a program to target the needed services.
  3. Look for others who believe in the same needs.
  4. Ask for help, but know what you need help with first.
  5. Give permission for those volunteers to also seek out support; make sure you have some guidelines first.
  6. Circle back to revisit those original helpers, and meet the new faces recruited.
  7. Get a small inventory of what they want to help with, and their skill sets.
  8. Is training needed?
  9. Keep a Customer Relations Management (CRM) database to track the skills of the wo-man power recruited.
  10. Expect to grow and re-organize structures, BE AGILE!

Don’t wait for gaps to find successors and always be on the look out for your next champion. Wo-Man Power, human capital, and volunteers are all people who deep down want to be appreciated, recognized, and thanked for their efforts.¬†I have recruited help standing in-line at supermarkets, getting pulled over for speeding violations, and other completely unexpected places.¬†Volunteers are every where and sometimes where you least expect it!

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