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Project Management

Project Management

Niche wants to help you with your next project! Being certified in PMP, we are equipped to put in the changes you need to move to the next level and out pace your competition.

It doesn't have to be big, scary, and expensive, but it does have to right for your needs. The right process for many nonprofit businesses is crucial to their daily operations and well-being.  If your model is working you should be able to tell by the measurable outputs such as: cash flow, membership levels, or staff turn-over, to name only a few. When your model isn't working it can be overwhelming. Are your logistics telling you it isn't working? Give us a call!

Process Design & Development Projects

Do you have Government Contracts?

Let us help you design an Allocations Process that makes sense, is within guidelines, and won't leave you as a soft target for audits or worse, return the money!

Internal Audits are a way for you to be prepared for audit season whether it is for the program or the financial side. We know state, county, and federal funding sources and what they are looking for. Do you?

Government Timesheets are crucial to tracking the actual time and labor spent so you can justify the costs for the program. Don't know where to begin in setting up a system for Government Timesheets? Give us a call!

Automation and  Business Intelligence Projects

It may be already a problem you didn't even know you had! Emails, phone calls, appointments: How many electronic communications have you missed? If you have tried the intern route and spend even more of your time frustrated  and training, then you don't have the capacity to do it all.  Give Niche a call today!

Maximizing System Projects

Your system works in tandem with your process; but is it the right system?  The system holding your information or whether its automated can add thousands of dollars in overtime, frustrated staff members and volunteers, or be preventing your nonprofit business from growing.

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