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Recognizing Ethical dilemmas is NOT as Easy as Picking a Pack of Peppers!

Can you recognize a daily ethical dilemma?

Most of the time when you see ethical train wrecks in the headlines it is regarding how NOT to do it. Ethical situations happen more frequently than most people are even aware of, because they are on such a small scale. It’s not as easy as picking out vegetables for dinner. Unfortunately, there are so many scenarios it is impossible to learn (deciphering what exactly makes good decisions) in just a classroom.

My philosophy is that ethical dilemmas occur everyday possibly dozens of times, depending on the environment! If you are lucky, you have a great coach or mentor to be a sounding board in tough decision making, but we aren’t all so lucky. If you are prone to making good decisions with bad judgement, or bad decisions with good judgement then this might be for you. I thought about making a short TOP 10 list to print out at the office, but realized you may be a visual learner. So instead, I put it in a slideshow! If you need a list, just print it out.)

silent Business ethics for your nonprofit TOP 10 LIST

Need some examples? Check out my book, The Mouse, the Eagle and the Beat: A Collection of Organizational Fables for the Revitalization of Business Ethics. 

If you have a stumper, feel free to email me your dilemma scenario and I will make a good faith effort to help reduce your pain point. Please send it to If it is a topic others could benefit from, I may ask you to let me discuss it on a vlog, all anonymous of course. Heck, you may just win yourself an awesome prize!


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