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Process Design & Development

The right process for businesses is crucial to daily operations and well-being.  How do you know if your model is working? By measurable output. This can be: cash flow, membership, or maybe staffing levels.
Government contracts and allocations are also a frequent soft spot for audits. Regardless of efficiency or audit preparation, why not let us help you tighten up your process through a more efficient design and develop one that works for you?
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System Maximizing

Your system works in tandem with your process; but is it the right system? Or do you even have one?

The system holding your information or whether it has been automated can add thousands of dollars in overtime, frustrated staff members or volunteers, which can be preventing your business from growing.

Let Niche help you re-evaluate your systems to ensure they are being maximized for efficiency.


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Customized Tools

Niche specifically targets efficiency with your new process  by developing customized tools and later  teaching that process with a hands-on approach showing your staff where they fit in, what the new expectations are, and why they are important!

What good is having a newly designed process without putting in place the training program and using your newly created tools?



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Our Focus

Niche Consulting focuses on efficiency and education, with a strong foundation in ethics; starting with recognizing the organization as a viable business.

Our model is designed to help businesses reach sustainability through system maximization,  process development and customized training,  after a completed organizational efficiency evaluation is completed.


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